“You look like my dog” People drags beautiful girl who claims she looks like Beyonce

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A beautiful social media user, took to a popular Facebook group to share photos of her self, and a popular American musician “Beyonce” claiming that she resembles Beyonce and Rihanna.

The beautiful lady in her early twenties, who came out to share this, revealed that she is being mistaken for Beyonce by people on daily basis, and this has got people talking.

The lady identified as ” ” shared some photos of Beyonce and her humble self, pleading on people to be honest and tell her, if she actually looks like Beyonce or she is being decieved. alot of the commenters were of the opinion that she is being decieved.

See the photos and screenshots of comments below.

Does she really looks like Beyonce? in my own opinion, she looks very much like Beyonce and even looks more beautiful than her. what do you think?

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