VIDEO: Skin care hack! Vitamin E capsule, functions of the various colours, how to use and everything you should know about it

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Vitamin E is A fat Soluble vitamin is essential for normal is an important antioxidant that neutralize free radical in the body.vitamin E capsules are of 2 types there is the one that is for oral use and the one for enternal use only.
For the oral one,it nourishes the body, repair nails and skin problems, help promote hair growth,etc.
For the enternal type of vitamin E they are of different colors and each of them have specific functions in the body.
1.Pink: it is for moisturizing the skin, leaving your skin with secretly beautiful glow.
2. Golden: this is use for anti-aging.
3.Green: the green is for black spots acne and pimples.
3.Light yellow:this is use for lightening the skin complexion.
So choose the one which suit your can get them from cosmetics shops and ask for the precaution

You can also watch the full video for more details, here, on their various functions, how to mix them, where to get them and how to identify the fake vitamin E capsule from the real one


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