“Use what you have to get what you want” – see the heartbreaking whatsapp conversation between a girl and a guy

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So many things has been going on lately, here is a leaked conversation between a girl and a guy that got people reacting.

In the leaked chat, the lady seem to be in need of money urgently and begged the guy, who happens to be her male friend for some cash, but he requested for something else.
This shows that so many guys do not willingly help ladies without demanding something from them. the chat between this two people exposes the various ways many guys decline to help girls when they are in need just for slight excuses, or just because they didn’t get what they wanted.
In the first chat, the girl reminded the guy of the money he had promised her. he told her to ask her spouse, but according to her she did not want to bother him. in the second screenshot, they guy refused to send her the money and asked she that she uses what she has to get the money.
Alot of people who reacted differently to the post, saw nothing wrong in what the guy did.

See screenshot of the chat below

Do you think the guy was right about what he wrote, or should  he be slammed for asking for something in exchange before helping her.

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