“This boy has broken record” 10 years old boy crowned King (full details)

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The photos of a 10 years old boy yet to be identified, which went viral few minutes ago, has left alot of Nigerians reacting differently, as they marveled at the crowning of a young child, l as the Igwe of Iyiora Anam community, after the death of the former king.

While alot of the commenters congratulated the new king and prayed for God to help him with the wisdom to rule his people, others, were in total disagreement with the development.
Nevertheless the ceremony has already been carried out, and the 10 years old boy has been giving the ofor (staff).
It is surprising as such a thing is very rare to see, and most people believe, before a bit should ascend the thrown he should get to a certain age.

See photos from the occasion


Congratulations to the lad, and we hope he gets the knowledge to rule his people wisely.

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