They should be jailed! See beautiful girls who makes clothes from used condoms

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Some girls has taken to social media, a popular platform to flaunt their newly made dress, which was gotten through stiching of used male condoms, and this has got people talking.In the photo you will see teo girls standing, and both girls seems to be smiling in the photo. before I go further I would like to briefly explain what the word “condom” means.

What are condoms?

Condoms are canister in cooperation as a logic of birth manipulation and as well alleviate in the prevention of sexual transmitted disease like HIV and AIDS, chlamydia, and gonorrhoeal. if you’re by now via a unique thoughtful of birth be in charge of to dodge pregnancy, it’s a lovely conception to in addition to management condoms or domestic condoms every time you take sexual category to safeguard by hand from STDs.

See photos of the dresses below

Although, it may look creative and beautiful, but it’s quite risky and shouldn’t be praised, this girls should be educated on kind of diseases they are prone to by turning used condoms into dresses. What do you think?

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