Some vital information you should know about the #Endsarsprotests and possible solutions to the chaos

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It hasn’t been easy in Nigeria since the #EndSARS protest began and the Nigerian youths has been resilient to their demands. The #Endsars protest started after SARS officials in the country started extorting  young citizens for no eligible reason and also killing them.This protests has resulted to different deaths and the country as at now being in anarchy.

The Nigerian youths has been on a peaceful protest since about the end of September and the government have not been able to address the nation nor meet their demands and this has made the Nigerian youths so angry and making them not ready to stop until the government act as expected.

The #Endsars protest grew and resulted in other different problems of the country such as

1)End bad government

2) Resignation of the Nigerian president

3)And Giving youths the right to take part in political affairs of the country.

The protests has resulted in killings,injuries and so on and the president hasn’t been able to address the situation since the beginning of the protest.

The inspector general of police in Nigeria dissolved SARS and brought up another body called SWAT to compensate the SARS affairs but the citizens has clearly disagreed to the body brought up (SWAT).

There have been several deaths, injuries, prison breaks,damages,Burns and so on during the protest and the Nigerian youths has done their best to make the protest peaceful regardless of everything,so the question to ask is who is to be blamed for all the damages and deaths?

Possible solutions to the chaos:

1) Firstly the president,IGP and other bodies need to address the Nation and compensate every loss the country had during this fight

2)The Nigerian Government should empower youths and give them chance to be involved in the political affairs of the nation

3)The president has to dialogue with all other  external bodies.

4)And lastly the Government should stop killing, police extortion from citizens and brutality to young Nigerians instead they should listen to the cries of the citizens

Many other international bodies are interested in the situation in Nigeria but for now nothing has still been done but we hope we see  the Nigeria of our dream




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