Simple and Effective ways of stopping menstrual pain

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Most girls have their first period or monthly bleeding between the age of 11 and 16. This means that they are now old enough to become pregnant.

The normal period comes once every 28 days or so, and lasts 3 to 6 days. However, this varies alot in different women.

If you usually have painful menstrual flow then this is what to do.

1. Calculate your period, when you know when you are expecting it to flow. A week before that day, avoid sugary food and drinks. This will help alot relief the pain.

Most times taking soft drinks, biscuits, or making use of too much sugar days before your menstrual flow can increase the pain.

2. There is know need for you to stay in bed during your menstrual flow. Infact, lying quietly can worsen the pain.

3. Be active, walk around and do light excercise or chores. It helps you get your mind on the pain and help relief it.

4. Putting your feet in hot water can also help cool off the pain

5. Take hot drinks, you can make hot tea, or drink hot water

6. Put hot compresses on the stomach

7. With the prescription of a doctor you can take ibufem to release pain

During the period, a woman should take very good care of herself, and keep clean, get enough rest and sleep.

You can eat everything you normally eat.

If a period does not come when it should, it may be a sign of pregnancy. For some girls and women over 40 it may be signs of irregular period.
Do not panic, worry and emotional upset may also cause a woman to miss her period.

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