Signs of end time: Pastor commands church members to eat grass and snakes

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This is really surprising and strange, is this part of ministration?

Signs of end time, as a south African pastor asked  his church members to eat grass to cure all diseases and sickness bug. Amongst the signs of end time are false prophet, but nobody can really judge this. but health wise, it is unsafe for humans to eat raw grass.
This pastor asked his church members to eat grass and millipedes, and also snakes.
He made them to believe him and eat the grass as if they were sheep’s that were a sermon,he said his church members were lost sheep or sheep without shepherd.And he would bring them back to his lord.Most of them ate this grass and vomited and some of them swallowed snake and vomited.
In a sermon,he stood on his church members on their back ,and preached for two hours without climbing down.Is this modern day slavery or part of olden days slavery in a new form.
On an occasion,he stripped a female church member naked and made her an example to the whole church while she was nude or naked.This made most of the public and annoyed and made them react, many of them said he had mental problem and was supposed to be treated as soon as possible to avoid him infecting his church member’s.
Sign of the end time, are surfacing most especially in Africa, were most  of the pastors asked them to eat soup or drink beer in the church premises and he would step on their private part in a way of deliverance.

What is your opinion on this?

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