See the statements and questions your girlfriend never wants you to stop saying

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In the society today it is general that boys are expected to take good care of girls and also pet and make sure they are ok,but doing these things is not easy but it ought to be done.girls are triggered by what sone men say and for that men should learn how to make girls feel all fine with some particular words and statements and below are some of them:

1)How are you my baby?

The word “baby” in this statement makes her feel so loved

2)Honey you look gorgeous

3) Whenever we are together I feel so comfortable

4)You are the best

5)No one can take your place in my heart

This makes her feel so Important in your life and she will never want to Leave you

6)When next are we going out on a date? because the last time we did it was so much fun

7)You are just a rare gem

8)Am so lucky to have you in my life honey

9) Seeing you everyday is all I want to do

10) You are so beautiful

11) You are a priceless jewel

12)I Love you so much and I will never stop loving you

This one is very essential when speaking with her

13) Having you in my life is a privilege

14)That’s my baby girl

15) you mean a whole lot to me

Always pet your girl with these statements and doing this will make her love you the most.


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