REVEALED: The Truth about how davido and Chioma met, their full love story and latest news

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Nigeria guys should learn from Davido on how to treat a woman, who they claim to love as a queen. just the way Davido treats Chioma.

This might sound unpleasant to some guys who do not know how to shower their loved ones with care and show them attentions. in my own opinion,

Davido is a perfect example every guy should imitiate when trying to fully win the heart of any woman. he has proven not only that by spending but by the attentions and the way he displays the affectionate feeling he has for his fiancee.

Many people fall in love easily, but do not have what it really takes to maintain the relationship. despite being in different situations that would have made Nigeria musician, Davido break up with Chioma. he still stood by her.

Before I continue, let me give an highlight about Davido and Chioma’s biography and how they met. please do not forget to follow Vickygblog for more.

David Adedeji Adeleke is a Nigeria Hip hop star and Davido music worldwide (DMW) boss. he was born on the in the year 1992 in Atlanta. he grew up in the city of Lagos State, Nigeria. after having a not too good mark while he was schooling at British international School in Lagos, due to his concentration on developing his interest in music, he had to drop out and travelled out.

Davido’s father helped him to gain admission in 2011, into the prestigious Babcock University, where he later graduated. he signed a contract with Mtn and established his own music label.
Davido is one of the best musician in Nigeria, and has won a lot of awards. he also has a huge fan based and other upcoming artistes which he signed under his label.

Davido,in the year 2015, went into a relationship with Sofia Momodu, the niece of Dele Momodu, a ovation magazine owner. she gave birth to a beautiful daughter who he named Imade.

Few years later, davido also welcomed another daughter “Hailey” with his second baby Mama Amanda.
Despite having two women and kids to take care of, Davido has never failed in his parental responsibility, neither has he ever been called out for a wrong reason by any of his baby mamas.

According to Chef Chioma, she met Davido through a friend of hers who was dating his friend. she made this known in a comment section on her verified Instagram account.

Chioma Avril Rowland was born on the 1st of April, in the year 1995. she hails from Imo state . although Chioma was an economic student of Babcock University. but, she was not able to graduate, as she allegedly drop out for the sake of the love of her life Davido.


Chioma, did not regret this, as she has gained fame, international recognition and different endorsement deals from Davido. she also has a son for him and has been engaged to him.

In my opinion, Nigeria guys should learn how to treat a lady well like Davido, these are my reasons.

1. Know matter how busy or tight Davido’s schedule is, he always makes time for Chioma. he goes as far as taking her along with him whenever his going on some trips.

2. He does not divide the attention or make Chioma crave for his attention. he is always flauting her on his social media accounts and publicly announces his feelings for her.

3. Davido buys her expensive gifts. during one of her birthday, he gifted her an assurance car, worth millions of naira, which girl would not love this.

4. He always carries her along with her business plans. some guys are not interested in their women’s dream or goals in life. Davido allegedly signs a cooking multimillionaire endorsement deals for Chioma and has been helping her grow.

These are few reasons, and my opinion on why nigeria guys should treat their women the way Davido treats Chioma, like a queen.
See their because pictures together that will make you fall in love.

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