“Please forgive me baby” -Unbelievable! Laycon reveals his latest crush after Erica duped him for Kidd

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Please forgive me baby, you know I want you” – laycon reveals his latest crush after erica duped him for kidd.

BBN housemate Laycon has been going through alot lately in the house, after his long time friend Erica, who he ones had feelings for openly rejected his friendship after their disagreements.

Laycon has stylishly revealed his latest female crush, during a conversation with Dorathy. the conversation took place in the dinning, while laycon was eating and Dorathy was cooking.

See full details of the conversations below:

LAYCON: Dorathy come and join me to eat, toasted bread and tea.

DORATHY: You mean burnt toasted bread right?

LAYCON: no na.. this bread messed me up!

DORATHY: You are right, anyway, I don’t know how kidd toast his.

LAYCON: yeah, so I hope you have forgiven me now? you Know you said I will continue begging for the rest of the day. please forgive me, baby or else I will report you to big brother (laughs)

DORATHY: I will forgive you on one condition, and that is to come over and cut the carrots and green pepper for the fried rice.

LAYCON: You should have said it since, you know I like and want you. Trust me, you are my crush in this house now. don’t bother yourself again, call me to do the work for you.

DORATHY: See your head (giggles) my darling (laughs).

Do you think laycon has actually moved on and forgotten about Erica? are laycon and Erica going to have a good relationship?

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