OPINION: Why we should gift the less privileged some pairs of good shoes

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Shoe is used to protect the leg from injuries, many poor children in the society cant afford a pair of slippers neither a pair of sandals.

According to the rate of poverty, many families are poverty-stricken and cannot afford three meal square due to poverty, talk more of affording good shoes to cover their feet.

Poverty is the main thing that makes some families in the society beg on the street.
Shoes is to protect the sole of the feet from being damaged, once a feet is damaged it causes injuries that results to outward/inward bleeding on the feet. shoes can be made double layers or triple layers to avoid being chopped off easily.
Endeavour to help the orphans, those in need, to get a shoe to avoid them having injuries, and boast their self esteem. shoes has a lot of significant meanings attached to them. help someone with a nice pair of shoes, that is one of the greatest way of showing love.

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