Not funny:See the three young men who has taken the #Endsars protest to a different level

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Since the beginning of October there have been a rise of protesters pleading to the government to end FSARS in Nigeria and it has been a peaceful protest throughout the nation.but some young men has taken the protocol to another level by their wierd acts.

1)The flag boy

An anonymous young man who has been trending all over social media since the beginning of the #endsars protest.

Though unknown but he has been having a lot of followers on social media and still not afraid of whatever happens to him by climbing tall roofs and top of tankers to fly his flag during the proteast

2)The tear gas guy

He has been popularly know as the brave man after returning a tear gas thrown to the protesters by some unknown thugs

The young man has been gaining a lot of followers too on social media by his acts

3) The shameless guy who bathes on protest grounds

He is a graduate from the department of law and has been reported to bathe in protest ground

This act made people call him shameless although he is still trending and gaining a lot of followers on social media.

The government really need to do something about this protests and #Endsars and SWAT because the voice of the people matters.

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