“Nobody can stop our love” 15 years old boy pens down lovely message for his girlfriend (photos)

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It is really surprising that these days, we see alot of young involving their selves in relationships that is meant to be for adult who are preparing for marriage.

Relationship is supposed to be for two adults or youth who have feelings for theirselves and know what they want to achieve and not for two young teens who are supposed to be in school studying for their examinations.

A young boy identified as ” ” has taken to his facebook timeline to share photos of himself and a young girl who according to him was the “love of his life”.

He went ahead to post their beautiful couple photos and pens down lovely messages to her.

See photo below

Some of the commenters slam them for being in a relationship at such tender age, while others who saw nothing wrong with it, praised them and wish their relationship last long.

See screenshot of the comments below.

What do you think about this? Is this true love or infatuation.

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