Meet the mysterious woman who had four legs and two private parts

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Funny Enough, we come across different people around the world who were created differently, with rare unique features.

In the year 1868 an English woman called Josephine Myrtle Corbin shocked the whole world with his bizzare body structure. she was born with four legs and two private parts.according to the mother she said the other two legs was for her twin and also the private parts. myrtle had a normal upper body structure like that of every human being but her lower body was shocking.

The mysterious woman was married by a doctor Clinton bickwell of which they later gave birth to five kids (a boy and four boys). Myrtle used her middle sexual organ (that of her twin) to give Birth to her children because the sexual organs we’re matured for reproduction.

  1.   Few disbilities occurred as she was  not able to walk because her middle foot was smaller than the other foot and with that her middle foot couldn’t carry the weight of her body.this body structure shocked the world and will still keep shocking the world.

She later died in the year 1926 and will forever be remembered.

What do you think of this lady and what kind of Siamese will you call her body pattern?

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