Is this true love? Or madness? (Full details)

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Was she moaning? I giggled. this new couple will not kill me with laughter. i smiled turning to our neighbor who was almost asleep on the bench, under the mango tree, which was used for relaxation in the compound.
I thought she was with me, but she was already deep asleep, by the time I realized that she wasn’t listening to my gist.

I picked up my phone to logged into Facebook, i recalled that I had tried logging in for some days but couldn’t get my password correctly.

“You will kill me today” That was Mrs Iyaro voice, what could have gone wrong.

I stood up and tapped Iye, the 58 years old woman who was deep asleep. she was highly respected in the compound, and from the day I stepped into this state to serve, she has always proved to be a mother of all.

“Iye” I tapped her gently.

“Ada, ehhh what were you saying” she woke up immediately yawning.

“You will kill me today, useless man” we heard again from Mrs Iyawo’s apartment.

That mad man has started again. Iye said as she stood up, tieing her wrapper to her breast.

“Come with me” she said, I followed.

We got to Mrs Iyawo’s apartment, and all we heard was loud voices arguing, suddenly, the door was forced open from inside and Mrs Iyawo ran out, naked!

Blood were all over her body, she was crying and swearing. she tried covering her breasts with both hands, but with fell down weakly.

Iye rushed towards her, she untied her wrapper then used it to cover Mrs Iyawo’s naked body. fortunately, she was able to do this before the other neighbors and passerbys gathered.

“Iyawo, wetin dey happen again” Iye asked. “Na so so quarel Una dey quarel since Una park come this area” Iye said, displaying motherly love as she bent towards Iyawo cleaning her body.

I stood still, watching Mrs Iyawo covered with blood and trying to explain all That transpired between her and her husband indoors, to Iye.

“Where is that f00l!sh woman” Mrs Iyawo’s husband shouted from inside, running out with a belt. it because obvious that he has been flogging her with it.

He got to where his wife was sitting on the floor and raised the belt up high, in an attempt to hit her again.

“What is wrong with you, how can you be flogging your wife daily like a dog” Iye shouted, trying to get rid of the belt, but he held it tightly.

“Look old w!tch, I am the man of my house and anything I decide to do with my wife is not you or any neighbors business. after all I bought her with her body, even if I decide to inflict several w0unds on her, you have no…

“Shhhhuuuuu’ttt up Mr man” Another man who has been standing observing the drama from afar said walking towards our direction.

“Do you know you can be sentenced for this, assaulting your own wife. nothing should make you raise your hands on your wife” he said.

The man was tall and dressed responsibly, he was holding a laptop bag and seem to be in his early forties.

“See, who is this an!-malistic intruder” Iyawo’s husband laughed. “Do you know I am her husband? this is family issue, stay away from this. I have the right to correct my wife when she err” he said boastfully.

“Mr man, all this women needs iron hand, if you don’t use it on them, they will go astray, I flog my wife with pestle whenever she misbehaves, it’s just part of love and grooming” another man shouted from the crowd interrupting them.

I shook surprised, everyother person turned their Gaze at him. the man walked towards the scene proudly. He faced the good Samaritan. “See Mr man, stay away from this family matter, you don’t tell a man what to do with his family, and how to discipline his wife”. He said.

“What is all this? can you hear yourself?” The good Samaritan shook his head. “You don’t raise your hands on a woman, i have been married for years now and have never laid a finger on my wife. I adore her, she is my better half. how do you inflict pains on someone you claim to love. mother of your children…” Before, he could complete his sentence, Iyawo’s husband and the other man pushed him away, and faced Mrs Iyawo who was helplessly weeping on the floor.

“If anyone of you come near, I will teach you a bitter lesson” Iyawo’s husband boasted as the crowd began to leave one after the other, while others went afar to watch.

Iye tried raising Mrs Iyawo from the floor, but her husband pushed her away.

“Iye, I have been respecting your old age. this one na family issue, stay away from this” he shouted not allowing the old woman to talk, he raised his wife with one hand and threw her to the other side.

Iye cried, she stretched her hands towards me to rest her head. Tears fell down from her eyes as we watched Mrs Iyawo sitting helplessly on the floor, getting flogged by her husband.

“F00lish woman, how can serve me soup without meat, what happened to the 500 naira I have you” he screamed, spat, kicked and whipped her harder.

“Iye, we can’t leave her like that, we have to do something. she is going to die” I said as tears flew from my eyes. but Iye wasn’t ready to make a move, including the other neighbors. they were used to watching this.

I felt emotionally drained, I have heard of all this, but I have never witnessed it throughout my stay in here. I watched Mrs Iyawo pleading with her love of her life for help. The man she had said “I do” to few months ago.

“Please for the sake of our unborn child, have mercy on me” Mrs Iyawo screamed, her voice was fading gradually. she wasn’t struggling anymore.

“She.. she is pregnant?” I screamed!

Mrs Iyawo’s husband dropped the belt, which was already scattered. he spat again on her face. without saying a word he walked out of the scene.

We all ran to where Mrs Iyawo was laying, the wrapper given to her by Iye was already torn.
Blood was all over her body, she was panting heavily. marks where all over her body. Some nonchalant men, came closer to get a clear view of her naked body which was laying almost lifeless on the floor.

“Ada, get me wrapper from my room” Iye instructed.

“Let’s take her to hospital”

A young lady who was almost in tears, ran to the scene, she was holding a car key. “Madam, how can a beautiful woman like you end up with such a m0nst@r as a husband” she screamed holding her head.

“We will take you to the hospital now, how old is your pregnancy” she asked.

“2months” Mrs Iyawo muttered. she was gulping down an energy drink.

“Oh no, you are suffering. I heard you are a new couple. for how long have you been married?” She continued.

“10 months” she replied, as tears rolled down her eyes.

” How long have he been beating you?” She asked again.

Mrs Iyawo cried. she raised her head up. “for 4years now.. since we were dating, even during courtship” she said.

“This is heartbreaking. why where you enduring all this?” She went on

“I thought he would change” she cried, holding her swollen cheeks.

“See, my name is Mrs Fola, I am a human right artivist. I will help you get the Justice you deserve. You husband will pay for this. I promise you” Mrs Fola.

“Please, I don’t need your help, I love my husband. and I am not complaining. I don’t need your help, you want to destroy my home?” We were all shocked as Mrs Iyawo screamed this out. She warned the lady to stay away from her.

We all watched as she laid curses on the innocent lady, claiming she was sent by devil to scatter her home.

The young lady, who felt embarrassed, shook her head and walked away.

We wondered were Mrs Iyawo got the courage to say those words. she raised herself from the floor, and even when we tried helping her out, she slapped our hands and helped herself inside.

I stared at Iye who was shaking her head disappointingly.

Was this love? I thought.

Few days later, we saw Mrs Iyawo and her husband sitting under the mango tree gisting, they were laughing and sucking oranges. the wounds on her body were still as fresh as new, and I wondered how such a beautiful and educated lady, ended up in such mess. this was definitely love! But a s!lly one. I wondered what was going to happen to her in the nearest future.

As I stood peeping, lost in thought. Iye tapped me. “You can never advise a woman in love” she said.

I thought as much…

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