Important message: If you have a bank verification number with any of this banks, please read this!

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This message is for those who have a bank verification Number BVN,  with any of this banks  in Nigeria, It is no longer news that alot of online scammers are now inventing new methods of scamming gullible people of their money this period. there is a new method which scammers use to withdraw people’s money through a link.

The way they do carry this act, is by sending links to the all customers of the following banks; First bank, Guaranty trust bank (GT), Union bank, and Access bank.  Encouraging you to click and input your phone number, and bank verification number in a site, and you would be credited with instant 5 million naira, immediately you do that, all the money in your account would be withdrawn.

Please do not forget to share this new scam alert,  to your family and friends, so that they would not fall victim to this latest tactics used by scammers to rob, gullible people.

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