“If you love your life read this” Facts about charlie charlie game and several reactions about the game

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Charlie Charlie is a game where you summon a presence only known as Charlie to ask it any questions that you’d like. You start the game by crossing a pencil above another one on a piece of paper with yes or no written on every corner of it.

You must then summon “Charlie” by saying “Charlie Charlie are you there?” You can now ask your questions.
Most beliefs about this game is that it is demonic,and more about it is that,it is said to be a Child whom committed sucide, some say he’s the victim of a fatal car accident, others say he’s a pagan Mexican deity who now convenes with the Christian devil, while the rest say it’s not a human but a demon responding to your invitation.
When Charlie answers your question, the pencil will move towards yes or no.

Charlie haunts players who fails to say goodbye before they close out of the game.
Many people are now taking the game as a funny thing or regarding it as physics,it is not actually physics but it is the truth.It answers Your question with either a no or yes when You use the same type of pencil.
This same Charlie Charlie game was banned in libya in year 2017 because a lot of life has been lost,but many people are still trying it,including a mother(white woman) whom wants her Child to be a member of the game but the spirit is denying her,and has said it out to the world.
Most people in Nigeria has tried it and died,and many lost few things,of recent a young man whom tried it lost the two pencils he was using and shared it,could it be that the spirit has gone with the pencil or what could have happened?
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