I entered my 10 years old daughter’s room without knocking, I was shocked with what I saw her doing (FICTION)

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I entered my daughter’s room without knocking, I was shocked to see her doing this (FICTION)

I have been noticing a strange habit In my 10 years old daughter. she use to be very active and playful, especially evenings.
Dora was my only child and I was really worried and bothered when she started to put up some really weird habit.
I took my time observe her new attitude. Unlike before, when my daughter comes back from her evening lesson, she takes her bath, eat and plays with her age mates, but recently. whenever she comes home, she eats, bath and run into her room.
This was the 7th time she is doing this, so I decided to keep an eye on her. After eating, she ran into the room and shut the door. I had a spare key and was really anxious to know what was going on, so I quickly opened the door and flung it wide open.
Surprisingly, when I got into the room, my daughter was on her knees praying with a Bible on her hands. I was so surprised and full with joy. I had to join her, am proud of my daughter.

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