“I don’t play games with my enemies” – Erica reacts to Kiddwaya’s questions about playing games with laycon

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“I don’t play games with my enemy” Erica reacts to Kidd’s question about playing games with laycon. Erica referred to laycon as her enemy, during a conversation with kiddwaya.

As we all know, the two big brother naija housemates Erica and laycon, use to be best of friends in the house at the early stage before they got separated after having some issues.

Their disagreements started when Erica choosed Kidd over laycon, there by rejection his relationship proposal.
Although this two housemates end up making up with each other, as their friendship bond became stronger, despite the fact that laycon genuinely loved Erica and has been feeling down ever since she took her relationship with kiddwaya to another level.

Erica on Sunday had sworn never to have anything to do with laycon, after it was revealed that he accused her of trying to kiss him several times.

Erica and Kidd were playing a game, popularly known as “Ayo”. After erica had won Kidd, Kidd went ahead to ask her if she had ever played the game with laycon. She replied:
“What is my business with him, i don’t play games with my enemies, I don’t talk to him”.

With the reply she gave, it was obvious that the beautiful housemate, was referring to Laycon, as her enemy.

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