How to prepare a delicious Vegetable Soup with just 1000 naira

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Vegetable is a body building food and makes the body fresh,vegetables can be taken with any swallow like amala, samovita, Eba, and even rice.
The items needed for cooking vegetable is
(4)blender/grinding stone.
The ingredients needed are:
(1)locust beans
(2)palm oil


(7)vegetable. (8)meat/crayfish.
The procedures for cooking vegetables are:
(1)Wash all your items,cut your vegetable and wash .
(2)blend your pepper and onions,put on your gas cooker and put your put on fire.
(3)After putting the pot on fire,pour in your palm oil,add locust beans and allow it to fry for few seconds.After frying, pour in the  blended pepper and onions and stir,add the salt and maggi,add the crayfish and meat and stir and cover for few minutes.
(4)After few minutes,stir it,once it is cooked,add the vegetables and stir and add a lit bit of water and stir,and cover
(5)After 3 minutes stir and put-off the fire.

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