“He is a good guy, but he is short and ugly” Girl seeks advise on how to break up with her boyfriend (Screenshots)

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A 19 years old girl has taken to a public group, though being posted as anonymous, she asked for advise on her to end her relationship with a 28 years old guy.

According to her she is not attracted to his physical appearance, despite the fact that he is kind and loves her dearly.

Alot of people who found her complaint childish tried to talk her into sticking with the guy, as she would not regret it. while others advised her on how to do away with him.

She wrote:

 Good day momma , pls notify me when posted🙏🏿🙏🏿

Am 19 years old and there is this guy of 28 years asking me out for a relationship that will probably lead to marriage, I don’t know his full character ooo
But the little time I have seen him he is nice, but the physical qualities I want in a man is not in him he is not handsome at all not tall,not cute
I can’t be bold to walk with him on the streets at all, he is it presentable….

I don’t really know his character but to be sincere, I have not had a close discussion or contact with him I don’t give him time or face I don’t want to enter into a relationship with him kwanu….
How can I discharge him without him feeling bad as a human being…
Note : I have normal feelings for this guy no intimacy or strings attached at all …

Pls I just need your candid advice..”

See screenshot below.

What do you suggest? Should she break up with him or continue the relationship?

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