For everyone: 8 Major reasons why men cheat on the women they claim to love

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8 accurate reasons why men cheat on the women they claim to love (full details)


Cheating is one offense alot of people find really difficult to forgive in a relationship. especially the married couples. it is the act of making love with someone other than your partner.

Some people do use the statement “All men chests, it is in them” which is not true, as out of 100 percent of men, who are committed in any relationship. at least 30 percent are faithful to their spouse.

Most men find it difficult to understand why they cheat, despite the fact that they might have a lovely and Happy family at home, or a loyal and Beautiful woman, who tries their best to keep them satisfied.

8  Reasonswhy men cheat on the women they claim to love.

1. The women they fell inlove might have changed in one way or the other, or she might have stopped doing somethings that got him attracted to her. this is one of the reasons men or guys cheat.

2. Physical appearance

Men understands that after childbirth most women change, their shapes can not remain the same, they know this. but they need you to try and take care of yourself and look appealing and attractive.

3. Peer pressure
Some men cheat as a result of peer pressure, keeping bad company that mislead them. as the saying goes, “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”.

4. Some men cheat, because it is in their nature, know matter how hard they try to help it, they end up cheating. Know matter how Good a woman is or treats them, they end up running into the arms of another woman.

5. Some men cheat because they believe that their women aren’t faithful to them, having this concept that “all women cheat” this might have been as a result of their past bad relationship experience.

6. Some Men cheat because they are not principled and lack self control. a man who lacks self control can easily fall prey to any woman who wants him to grace her bed.

7. Most men cheat because there is always a lady ready and available to cheat with him, even if she knows he has a woman. so, some women are the reasons why men cheat on their partners.

8. Lack of s£xual satisfaction, this is also one of the major reasons, why some men cheat on the women they claim to love.

As a lady you should not blame yourself for a cheating spouse. do your best and leave the rest.

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