Don’t fall for fake love! See how to identify a true lover before you go into a relationship

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Don’t Date For The Sake Of Dating.

If you don’t know who is dating you, you will remain in love while others are getting married.

Do you know that TIME is an expensive commodity in a relationship?

Unfortunately, people pretend to be in love..

Be calm but vigilant….
Date; who is dating you..


Don’t try so hard to keep what is not meant to be, if you discover that you’re not compatible..
Let go; and accept what you can’t change.

Dating is not a grantee for marriage…
Therefore, kindly know your stand..
Don’t take up the responsibility of a wife, while you’re a side Chic.. If the feeling is not mutual..
If you don’t feel anything for him..
Don’t think it will change after marriage.

You must find out if your partner is into your relationship, don’t love in vacuum..
Love is an action word…

People date long when they are not ready.
You must know that dating is not your final destination. (Marriage)

Date someone who knowns your Worth.
You will never be treated as an option.

Date to marry not to catch fun.
Remember to always know who to date
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