BBN Nengi is in trouble! See what transpired between Nengi and a scammer who used her name to do this (details)

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Popular bbn lockdown 2020, known as nengi, has expressed displeasure because of certain things scammers are doing,using her name to scam people,in her recent post,she wrote:

I happy when I come across a fan page using my name cause they will give others update about me.

See screenshots below

“Yeah but today I was going through my Facebook media tour and I found out some pages already impersonating there pages created with my name using it to decieve people for there own benefit,
Like I said earlier I don’t have a youtube yet so when you come across any post that you should subscribe to his or her youtube please don’t do that.
And again I’m not yet doing any give away yet, I know when the right time comes I will do that, please Ninja’s be careful so you won’t fall in hands of scammers.
Please share this post around.”

She was not happy and told her fans to share the post for everyone to see.
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