7 Ingredients you need to prepare a delicious Party Jollof rice, fit for a King’s consumption

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We got some requests recently, asking us to drop best recipe for preparing party jollof rice.  most importantly this is why we should not eat, only to be satisfied, but also eat balaced meal so that we can stay healthy. By using the right ingredients, you will get your desired outcome. Vickygistblog present to you, the best ingredients you need to prepare a delicious jollof rice fit for a King’s consumption.

I will be teaching you how to prepare a delicious party jollof rice. which is one of the most delicious meal, and everyone enjoys this meal anytime or any day.

There are different types of jollof rice, that was why I clearly stated that I will be teaching you the best step by step method to prepare a mouth watering “party” jollof rice.

Vickygistblog will not only teach you how to prepare different delicacies, but also break down the process for you. so please do not forget to click on the share button, you can’t just keep this alone to yourself.


We have the “concoction” jollof rice which is mostly prepared by students on campus. we have the “incident” jollof rice. this one is prepared by putting all the ingredients into the pot at ones. then we have the usual jollof rice. all this jollofs can be prepared whenever you want, without much preparations, and that is the difference between these jollof rice and the popular party jollof rice.

You hardly go to a party and see them sharing other door apart from jollof rice. this is because majority of people loves the meal and it is acceptable in every occasion or ceremony for refreshments.

Gone are the days where people attend different ceremonies just to eat fried rice, it might seem funny, but alot of people still do it. Even if they where not invited to the occasion, they would put on their best clothes just to have their on share of the food.

There was a day a friend of mine came back from a wedding ceremony, and we asked her for the name of the baby that was dedicated, she replied by confessing that, she was not paying attention to what was going on, and all she had was to collect extra plate of the jollof rice being distributed to guests.

If you are one of those people who attends every ceremony just to have a taste of party jollof, or you have been looking for the best recipe to prepare a delicious party jollof, then you are in the right post.

Before I continue, let me quickly explain to you how I got to learn how to prepare this delicacy.

So, there was a day I attended a meeting with my friends, and after spending hours in the seminar, they started sharing refreshments. they took different take-away of jollof rice and chicken, sharing them to the guests. but unfortunately, it could not get to our seat roll.

I and my friends had to go home angrily, this was because we went for the meeting, with the hope of getting to eat the jollof rice that would be shared. so that very day, I decided to learn how to prepare the meal.

I hurried to the market, and got all the ingredients which I jotted down from my phone. It took me hours before cooking. and when the food was ready, it tasted like the usual jollof rice I use to cook.

I was surprised and had to question myself on where I missed it. I decided to give it a try again, but this time around. I called my mother to put me through and the party jollof rice came out perfectly.

Since then, I have been preparing it all by myself. so i will start by giving you the secret recipe for making party jollof. what alot of people are not aware of.

Here are the Ingredients needed

1. Long grain of rice (25kg)

2. Meat stock (preferably chicken)

3. 4 liters of vegetable oil

4. 1 and half packet of seasoning cubes

5. 1 big satchet of (kitchen glory) and any chicken flavour of your choice

6. Three kilo of atarado pepper

7. 12 pieces of bay leaf

8. One small basket of red bell pepper (tatashe)

9. A quarter of big basket of fresh tomatoes

10. 8 big bulbs of onions

11. 2 biggest size of tomatoes paste

12. Six satchet of (Benny) chicken powder

13. Salt to taste

14. 1 big cooking spoon of Curry (powder)

15. 250g of cooking margarine

16. Crayfish

Cooking preparations

Ones you get all your ingredients ready, there are few things to put in place before you start cooking, to make your cooking less stressful and fun. vickygblog will not only give you the best recipe, but also show you the easy ways you can be able to prepare any delicacy.

1. Slice the onions

2. Blend the tomatoes, crayfish and peppers together

3. After blending them, steam for some minutes

4. Wash and cook the meat, boil them with spices. then keep the stock water aside

5. Fry the meat down (chicken)

After doing those things, then you are ready to start cooking.

Cooking procedures

Step 1

Set the fire, set the big pot on it. add vegetable oil into the pot and add some Onions into it and stir.

Step 2

Add the tomatoes paste, rinse the keg with a little water and turn into the pot. stir for 5 minutes then add the blended tomatoes and peppers into it and stir for 5 minutes.

Step 3

Add the curry, seasoning cubes, bay leaf, chicken flavour powder and stir. Fry till the oil starts floating on top, that is to show that the sauce is dry.

Step 4

Pour in the meat stock into the pot, and add some water, measure it every well to avoid mistake, then add salt and taste. Cover the pot and start cooking.

Step 5

Wash the rice with salt and water to remove excess starch in it. after cooking for some minutes, add the rice into the pot and stir with a wooden spoon.

Step 6

Cook for some minutes, if the water gets dried and the food is not properly cooked, add some water into the rice and continue cooking.

Step 7

Cover the pot lid with foil paper and cover the pot to trap the heat inside the pot. Then add the magarine and stir properly.

You should allow the rice get burnt a bit to add a nice flavour and taste to the rice. serve with chilled water or any soft drink of your choice. that is how to prepare a delicious party jollof rice.

I hope you learnt something new today. please do not forget to share to your family and friends, if you have any question you can leave it in the comment section below and I will gladly respond.

I am sure you found this article helpful, please do not forget to come back  for more. Vickygistblog got you covered.

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