2 simple and interesting ways to get a girlfriend

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Every man on Earth has a lady prepared for him but few men don’t have the ability to approach ladies and for that they need either assistance or need to get someone they don’t really love.

Not all men are same we know.You may be able to approach a lady but another person may not be able to.see two ways below to get any lady of your choice:

1)Let her always notice you

Most guys have the ability to do these but some dont.some may be able to do it but not able to do it to the way a girl fancy him.These has been cause of different men remaining bachelor’s for life and it need to be focused on.When you notice a girl you like try as much as you can to make her notice you.be stylish always look cool.Act funny if possible but don’t throw yourself too much on her and be that fresh boy you always want to be.

2)Tease her when you talking to her

One thing that can always make a girl feel cool around you is teasing her and after that petting her.Most men don’t know how to tease girls and pet them.It oughtn’t to be so.Tease a lady you like in a meagre way pet her after that.give her the attention she needs and always make sure she feels welcome around you.

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