10 Reasons why some girls visit a guy once and never visit again

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Alot of guys have been thinking, why haven’t she visited or, why didn’t she revisit after her first visit to my place? that is what I am going to be writing about.

Most times after some girls  first visitation, the girl might lack interest in picking his calls, replying his chats, and might even go as far as blocking him. But, most people have been trying really hard to figure out the reasons behind this, and this is what I will be writing on.

First date is the most important date in every girl’s life, and first visitations matters alot too. most girls always have the feeling that spending their first date in a guy’s place, is the most beautiful thing ever. and why they prepare to visit, they visualize everything being perfect.

Reasons why some girls visit a guy ones and never visit again.

1. Dirty surrounding
Now, I am not talking about the interior surrounding, but your exterior environment. how do you expect a responsible and neat girl to come visiting, when your whole compound is littered with dirts, smelling gutter and unkept door Mart?

If you have been inviting your guests to your place this way, it is high time you take care of your environment. First impression matters.

2. Untidy accommodation
Most guys do not know how to place things in other, learn how to keep your belongings in the right place. Imagine inviting a girl to your place, with your toothbrush on the floor, clothes on the form and everything being upside down. it is a big turn off to many girls.

3. Dirty Apartment
Some guys where raised with the ideology that house chores are meant for girls. how do you expect a reasonable girl to visit you and start sweeping and cleaning your room, for the first time?

Most guys, go as far as saying, they live everywhere unclean in other to check if the girl is a wife materia. who those that at this century?

4. Poor communication
Some guys communication skills are very poor. they do not know how to keep conversations going, or even know how to hold a proper and reasonable conversations.

Most of this guy’s are very shy and are extroverts. If you fall under this category, then it is time for you to change your mindset and try as much as possible not to be a boring host.

It is not proper to invite someone to your place for the first time and keep her bored or on her own. most times most guys start pressing their phones or leave her a by herself, with know company. who will love to return after such a boring visitation.

5. Lack of controlling self control  sexually

Some guys do not have self control and displaying that act at a first date, trying to carress a girl that you hardly know. is a  is big turn off. This is a major reason  why most girls will never return to your place after visiting.

6. Talkativeness
Some guys talk more than a (parrot) they are ready to talk for hours non stop without listening to the opinion of their guests, or even care to know if she is enjoying the conversation.

Some guys are not naturally talkatives, but in order to impress their guests, they end up talking more than they should, completely forgetting that they are not the only ones in the room.

If you have been doing this, then it is time to change. instead of saying 1000 words in two minutes, it is better you speak and give room for your guest to speak too. try to carry her along in your discussion. Know body will want to revisit someone who keeps talking non stop without letting them air their views.

7. Cross-check your speech

you are still trying to know her more. and she would be expecting questions like, what is your favorite color and food, and not questions that will invade her privacy.

8. Bad hygiene
This is another major reason why most girls vesit and never return again. most guys do not know how to take good care of their skin. they feel that only girls should take time in caring for their body which is very wrong.

Some times they tend to get offensive and unpleasant odours when you move closer to them. try to use some deodorant to help you smell nice. remember, you are inviting a human being with nostril to your place and not a non living thing, so do not make her uncomfortable. remember i earlier said I will elaborate, keep reading, please do not forget to follow Vickygistblog for more.

9. Bad breathe
Do you expect your guest to be comfortable talking to you when you know that the smell from your mouth can kill all the flies in the air? of course know body want to have a conversation going, with someone whose mouth oozes. take good care of your hygiene before planning to invite any girl to your place, to avoid both embarrassment and her never revisiting.

10. Refreshments
While some guys are naturally stingy, others always forget to entertain their guests with something edible. Most times she might be very hungry, but shy to request for food, as it is her first visit. most guys might feel she came to visit because of hunger, which is not true most of the time.

Don’t bore her with talks, without offering her something. a Friend of mine, ones recounted a visitation she went for, unfortunately she was very hungry. but this guy served her soured egusi soup to eat, with know meat inside. which is very wrong.

Although, most girls do not accept refreshments during their first visitations, for safety reasons. But, curtsey demands you offer her something.

These are the major reasons why some girls do not revisit male friends. instead of complaining, I hope you work on this if you have been lagging in any of this categories.

Also, you can read and use this tips in the future to avoid embarrassment. Instead of this, you can decide to take her out for your first date and get comfortable with each other before suggesting that she comes for a visit to your apartment.

Do you find this article informative? what do you think?

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  1. This is nicely worded and useful, thanks. I enjoy the way you touch on points minus hyperbole. It’s useful info and I deem you worth sharing.

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